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  • "joLEADo is changing the way businesses think about Instant Communication on the web. In part of our research and scan of the market for a competent explainer video team, we found Indus Net and we are very happy we did. Our project manager seemed to understand what we needed immediately.

    Progress communication was prompt and often and the updates were understood with little direction.

    We proudly recommend Indus Net for their talents, prompt service and professionalism."

    Michael Emaus, Managing Partner - joLEADo
  • "I was faced with a challenge in a project for a start-up client that needed a quality animated explainer video but wasn’t able to secure the funding needed to engage any company that I could find locally.

    Indus Net Technologies saved the day by producing the video at a FRACTION of the price and no compromise whatsoever in professionalism or communication.

    I highly recommend working with them and will most certainly do so again myself."

    Brian Keith Noonan, Catalyst of Clarity & Managing Partner, Buzzsource Global, LLC
  • "The video is awesome! It answered the request to be informational & promotional within 90 seconds. You guys rock and Wyco Games is glad your our tech go to company :-)"

    Trey Wyatt, Wyco Games, CEO/President
  • "I contacted Indusnet in urgent need for a product video to be done within a week. I am surprised by their skills as well how much research they did in such short span of time. The communication has been fabulous and the delivery was before time and of high quality. I am deeply satisfied and would recommend them to anyone. Special mention of Aritra for following up quickly and Supratik for nailing the requirements spot on along with ensuring the delivery."

    Sharjil Nawed

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Answers to your questions

To understand the business requirement, we prefer LIVE communication tools like Phone, Skype or Chat. For project updates and regular communication we prefer email. All communications are documented to ensure clarity and future-referencing.

We use royalty free images and illustrations. In fact most of the illustrations are hand-drawn by our designers. In case you prefer a third party illustration or photo from one of the stock photo site and you want us to use that, you will need to purchase the same or reimburse the associated costs.

The stages in the process are Storyboarding, Scripting, Screenplay, Animation and Voiceover. At every stage of the process, there is a review option. We welcome inputs from you at these stages and incorporate the same in the project. Therefore we may have iterations at the end of the given stages, which we incorporate and move to the next stage.

If you go back and change your mind - to make modifications in a production stage, which was previously approved, there may be an extra fees as per the additional effort.

The shorter, the better. It is easy to put a long and boring video. It is difficult to explain the concept in a short and concise way.

We recommend the video to be 30-60 seconds for most cases. However, if you wish to explain a complex business process, presentation or case study; it can take up to 2-3 minutes. The length should be ideally decided based on the purpose and audience.

You can upload it on YouTube or Vimeo. You can also host it on your own web server. If you have specific hosting requirement, we will be happy to guide you. We also offer hosting service for an additional fees.

We do keep free backup of your video for six months. If you lose your files during this period, just send a request and we will send you back the files. After this period, we archive the files and hence if the same need to be retrieved, there is a small service fees of $25

It usually takes 3-4 weeks to produce a video. However, it may vary depending upon your response time (for reviews and approvals) and request for change.

Being a client centric company, we make all efforts to make a relationship work. To enable this, we follow a transparent and staged process. In an unlikely situation that you are not satisfied and the relationship is not working out, it will be evident quite early. In that case, we will amicably part ways and we will issue you a refund as per our refund policy.

In an unlikely situation when our relationship does not work out, we will be happy to provide you a refund based on the following slabs and parameters:

  • Before starting the project - 100%
  • After starting and before the storyboard - 90%
  • After storyboard and before the script / screenplay - 70%
  • After the script / screenplay and before the animation - 50%
  • After animation and before the voice over - 15%

It usually takes 3 working days to issue a refund. Though you need not specify the reason for a refund, we will appreciate your feedback. The same will help us improve our services.

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